Sherman College of Chiropractic

Chiropractic Principles: 320

Instructor: Simon Senzon, MA, DC

1 Credit Hour

Course Description: This hour lecture provides an overview of two of the twentieth century’s most influential chiropractic theorists; T.F. Ratledge and J.R. Drain. Ratledge graduated from Willard Carver’s Carver-Denny Chiropractic College in 1908. He was friends with D.D. Palmer during Palmer’s final years. D.D. Palmer even lectured at Ratledge’s school in California before he died. T.F. Ratledge opened several schools, influenced state laws, and developed the chiropractic principles from D.D. Palmer in unique ways. His legacy is hardly understood by modern chiropractors even though his impact on modern practice and theory was significant. Jim Drain graduated under B.J. Palmer at the Palmer School of Chiropractic in 1911. He also attended several of D.D. Palmer’s final lectures. Drain was a leader in chiropractic politics and theory for many decades. He was president of the Texas Chiropractic College and published several books. He pioneered subluxation theories and practice and also devoted a considerable amount of time working with special needs children and those affected by polio. Drain’s legacy for modern practice was also significant.

Format: Online learning with video and PowerPoint presentations.

Drain, JR. Chiropractic Thoughts. (1927/2014)
Smallie, P. Ratledge Philosophy 1 & 2. (1978/2014)

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Approved Territory: PR

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